Merger and Acquisitions operations are complex deals with multiple consequences in the market chess. Those operations touch thousand of employees, with significant tax effects, and also with geopolitical influence. Settle or not an industry within a state or county represents an activity that changes the profile of a region. So, allow these operations to take effect, usually needs government approval.

There are several antitrust laws, health, financial, and environmental laws to be accomplished. It’s not a decision restricted to board of directors and Holdings. For example if what’s in discussion is an energy company, like petroleum or water, it will not be a single takeover bid. What really matters is the ultimate resources that will be available for the entire population, around these corporations areas. Not only the future price policy, but the resource quality and disposal itself.

Not only oligopoly is combated. Competition is one aspect that make capitalism work. Besides all the antitrust policy, each economic field has its owns requirements to workout. Government controls overall economic activity in behalf of the entire society interests. It’s not only about income, dividends, and return. Economic policy has in mind keeping the services working well, and in a regular and satisfactory for the population. Some Merger and Acquisitions operations, besides seeming midas magic, have a harmful profile for the population over the long-term. Whenever there’s a real chance of it, Government can set up conditions and requirements in order to make it work.

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